Mount & Blade Warband 1.153

This video game has you engaging in realistic combat with medieval weapons, armor and tactics

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    Warband 1.153

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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  • Program license:Trial version
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    7.0 (896)

Mount and Blade is a third-person action role-playing game that takes place in a medieval setting, where the player is cast into a world full of lords and factions but allowed to shape the story as they desire. As with the majority of RPGs, the player is allowed to customize their character in the beginning of the game before they are released into Calradia, Mount and Blade's in-game world. From there, the player can interact with many different areas and non-player characters to complete their quest to become the strongest warrior around. Choices made in these interactions have a significant impact on how other characters treat the player, whether they decide to be good or evil.

Using an entirely point and click based interface, Mount and Blade provides an excellent sandbox system that allows the player to truly control their fate. Combat is mechanically robust in this free game, where the player can battle to the death in four different scenarios: the overworld, town tournaments, sieges, and special events. Weapons and damage dealing take several factors into account to give the player a realistic feeling in battle. As in most RPGs, experience is rewarded so that the player can advance and become a more formidable warrior.


  • Quick start. After customization, there is relatively little story to hinder the player from making their own fate.
  • Combat. The game's focus is definitely combat, and it delivers with an interesting system.
  • Immersion. The player's actions definitely have a sizable effect on how the world perceives and reacts to them.
  • Modifications. Modding the game has been a popular pastime, allowing players to search for any custom experiences they may want.


  • Graphics. This game isn't going to make any newer computers' graphics card do too much work.
  • Army size. A stat called Leadership determines how many units a party can hold, and this game isn't going to reach RTS levels of army size.

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